Our Firm

At Teigland-Hunt LLP, we are passionate about trading matters.


We’re dedicated.

Since 2002 we have been helping our clients establish and manage their counterparty relationships across asset classes, with a primary focus on OTC derivatives markets, cash markets (such as equities, fixed income and foreign exchange), futures markets and physical commodities markets. We also routinely advise on the complexities of the Dodd-Frank regulatory framework and various industry initiatives, including regulatory protocols.

Dedicated Practice

We do one thing and do it well. Our singular focus on trading matters ensures that our clients receive best-in-class transactional and regulatory advice.

Market Perspectives

Our clients often want to know what terms are “market” - and we can tell them. T-H lawyers possess uncommon knowledge and insight regarding a wide array of products and market practices, which allow us to keep our clients informed.

Customized Advice & Attention

We recognize that every client is unique. We tailor our advice to each client’s particular objectives and perspectives on risk and reward. T-H clients receive the care and attention that only a boutique law firm can provide.

Proven Track Record

Our clients’ counterparty relationships are essential to their business. Our exemplary reputation in the industry allows us to leverage our connections to deliver results for our clients.

Invaluable Experience

When a counterparty is in distress or markets become illiquid, a swift response is often critical. We have helped clients take decisive action to mitigate risk in a range of challenging circumstances. Weathering these storms has provided our team with vital skills and knowledge.

Responsive to Client Needs

Markets don’t stand still, and neither do we. We take pride in being available and responsive to our clients as and when they need us. Whether we are handling a fund launch, a counterparty default, volatile markets or interactions with regulators – we know that a timely response is essential.

Quality Professionals

We invest heavily in the recruitment and development of our professionals. We seek to hire people with extraordinary raw ability and an aptitude for delivering the kind of service our clients need and expect. This commitment is critical to our success and ensures consistency in the level of service our clients receive.